Design + Build + Install


Our Experience

We have 45 years combined experience and knowledge within the compounding pharmacy space. We understand compounders needs now and into the future per current and pending legislation. We have a team standing by to work with each individual compounders needs, to tailor a space that will be fully compliant for FDA, USP, and/or cGMP with innovative and validated concepts. 

We will provide a detailed CAD with work flow customization, exact cabinet sizing and facing, placement for sinks and creation of complete layout . We consult for all facilities within the medical and pharmaceutical industries for 503a and 503b. We will develop a plan for all mechanicals, most important we will create your HVAC plan. 

Our Promise​

Our promise and commitment is to be there every step of the way thru design phase, buildout, installation, and validation steps. We will provide full quote and plan for your budget. We will never sacrifice cost over compliance. All details will be backed up by legislation for full transparency. We will be your essential compounding partner moving forward.

100% US Manufactured

All of our material suppliers are U.S. based, providing you immediate access, turn-around time, and accountability. Whether you have a 200-sq. ft. or 20,000 sq. ft. facility, our team will customize the project in accordance to compliance and geared toward your needs, budget and building structure.